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Digital printing/Print on demand

Peter Curman is the initiator of the Swedish digital printing house PODIUM – an initiative aimed to introduce new technology – print-on-demand – to distribute new literature in limited editions as well as worldwide (

About Podium

Podium publishing house was founded in 1998 to try out the possibilities of print on demand technology. It was initiated by writers Jan Myrdal, Peter Curman and Lars Forssell, who printed their own books and invited people to a press conference. They wanted to show that, through print on demand, it is possible to prolong the lifetime of books, and make them available on the market in a fast and cheap manner. Still today, our ambition is to encourage a wider book market by publishing exclusive literature in small editions.

Podium has published some 100 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, for children and for adults. Together, these titles form a sample card of literature well suited for print on demand.

Today, Podium’s publication has three branches:

- Books in minority languages
Publication of books in languages with a scarce supply of literature in Sweden, with a special on the national minority languages of Sweden (Yiddish, Romany, Sami, Finnish and Meänkieli/Torne Valley Finnish).

- Classics
Reprints of works that are out of stock and deserve a wider circulation.

-Self-publishing and backlist-publishing through Podium Distribution
Professional writers who are members of Writers’ Centre can publish their books through Podium Distribution. The package includes support from an editor, as well as access to Podium’s channels for sales, marketing and distribution.

Podium is part of Writers’ Centre East, and we share premises at Stenbocksgatan in the heart of Stockholm. We are supported financially by the Swedish Arts Council.

Contact Podium

Contact Podium for book orders and other questions:
Tel: +46-8-611 93 51


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